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Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

my story

I’m Danielle and I’ve been where you are. Exhausted from juggling the house and the side hustle and having nothing left for myself, deflated from starting and failing so many times I lost count, and confused by the constant influx of sponsored ads on every topic offering business advise.

I knew if I was ever going to balance being a good mom, building my dream life from my side hustle, and a healthy lifestyle that worked for me I needed to cut the bullshit, get real, and DIG DEEP!

All I had to do was decide to do it!


I love sharing my life and getting to know new people along the way, after all life is all about connection, right?!?!

Take this quick and fun quiz and let’s see if we jive!

Master Classes

master classes


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Master Classes

Each of these classes is structured to be a self guided wellness journey for those who learn better in solitude or just prefer the freedom to move at their own pace.

Each class gives a clear structured outline, supplemental material, and easy to use action steps to get you closer to meeting your health and wellness goals.

One-on-One Coaching
Enrollment opens:April 2019

One-on-One health coaching to support your wellness journey and help you achieve your personal goals.

We begin with a health assessment to figure out exactly where you are, and then build a customized program based on where you are and where you want to go.


Here you’ll find all kinds of cool little things to help keep you organized. Shopping lists, calendars, todo lists and so much more. Check out the shop and see what’s free today!

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