A blog is born.


This is my passion project and I want to share it with you! This blog has been in my head more than a million times. It started at first as a little voice in the back of my head that thought it would be fun and exciting to create an outlet where I could unleash all the scramble that's going on inside me, all while maybe connecting with other scattered minded folk like myself and we might all feel a little normal!


I constantly have a million PLUS ONE things going on in my head. This world is amazing and constantly evolving. I love challenging myself to learn new concepts, sharing lessons I’ve already learned, and collaborating with my community in areas that they are already SLAYING! New ideas open up every day and I want to explore

This blog is my way of doing just that. From sharing my 40 plus years of life experiences, to learning how to do a new yoga pose (and all the adventures in between), I want to learn all the things, and share the journey. Self discovery, self expression, and self love baby!!!

Should you choose to accept your mission, and come along on the journey, you will learn about the depths of love and human connection, how to embrace your ugly parts, and maybe even how to declutter your house; develop a healthy lifestyle, and what is the best soil composition to plant your succulents in!

How will I conquer this you ask? Simple. I’m going to attempt to tame the crazy and organize these small missions in self discovery into monthly themes. Each month will bring you:

  • A clear mission

    • Each month I’ll state our mission with the goal being to have learned, shared, or mastered something on the 30th/31st day.

  • 30 days of connection and building community

    • Every day I will post on social media (follow me here: instagram/facebook) sharing tidbits of information on our monthly topic. We will progress together, creating community on the topic at hand. Discussing what we have learned, sharing our own thoughts on the subject, and connecting with like minded people!

  • 30 days of mindful progression

    • I’ll be collaborating with experts on our monthly topics. You’ll have access to usable information and techniques, regardless of the material, so you progress each day closer to mastering what ever it is we are doing! Podcasts, suggested reading, and giveaways each month!

  • 30 days of self discovery

    • No matter what the topic is, the idea is to dive into the subject and see where it leads. No right or wrong, regardless of the outcome, each step brings you closer to connecting to your true self!

Hi There! I'm Danielle, and shockingly; I'm a bit of a mess! Surprise!!!


I'm a mama to three perfectly imperfect humans, a partner to an amazingly strong man who actually gets me, and a fierce friend to anyone who can deal with my constant #RealTalk. I'm a writer, a photographer, a certified health coach, a self-proclaimed beer snob (long before the kool kids were doing it), and I have a million hobbies; because I'm also ADD as a mo'fo and can't possibly pick just one. I have a love hate relationship with the gym, but when I'm "on", I kill it, and when I'm "off"....I do not CARE! I’m always on a break with my auto correct (cause I can’t spell worth a shit) Oh....and I cuss like a sailor. Like, a lot.

Welcome to my little piece of the interwebs! Here, I will hopefully make you feel a little more human by letting you in on a little known secret.....we are all just winging it. Yes, there are some randos around who have all their shit together and are slaying life, or at least making it look good, but for the most part, we are all just a #HotMessDotCom. Perfectly imperfect. Hanging on by a thin thread, but using all our energy to make sure no one really knows. I say....fuck that.

This blog is about building community through self discovery. Evolving as humans. Challenging ourselves to learn something new, being vulnerable and sharing our ugly parts, all while mastering new concepts and changing our lives! The truth is, we all have something to give, and a desire to be heard.

The goal is to go from a hotmess to a success! #FromHotMessToSuccess

I’ve created a space to do it! WELCOME!



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