Begin Where You Are


This Master class is a self guided journey to self love and positive body image. In it, I use easy to adapt mindset shifts, journaling, a workbook, and action steps that invite you to address, evaluate, and heal past “diet” failures, creating closure emotionally so that you may begin anew with a clean slate and build the foundation to your ideal healthy lifestyle. 

The philosophy behind this Master Class is that before real change can happen, we must let go of the past. In my opinion this is one of the biggest steps missed in living a healthy lifestyle and one of the reasons why most people never really commit to new habits. You can not create something new, if you have not healed and nurtured the ground it will grow out of.

In this Master Class you will: 

  • BEGIN loving your body TODAY by correcting negative mindset and self talk

  • IDENTIFY your “why” and connect with your intentions

  • REFLECT on what has and has not worked in the past

  • STRATEGIZE to combat self sabotage

  • ESTABLISH realistic expectations of what is achievable and sustainable

  • DOCUMENT the birth of your new body image and self love mindset

Materials included with your Master Class:

  • Course outline with clear objectives and intentions

  • Course workbook that follows along with each step guiding you through the emotional process of letting go of past “failures”

  • Action steps that connect your emotions and new mindset with your day to day life, creating changes you can feel and see.