Consistency Is Key


Master Class-Consistency Is Key

This Master Class analyses your current daily routine and integrates small changes and concepts that will create consistency over time. You will add milestones and self checkins which create balance and help you connect your body and mind thus completing the circle necessary for consistency.

The philosophy behind this Master Class is connecting it all. You are a beautiful flower, but if you don’t continue to get water and sunlight, you will not last. Up to this point you have strategized, organized, created, and implemented healthy habits and concepts to support your ideal healthy lifestyle, but as with anything that you want to last forever you have to take care of it. You need to nurture the changes and trouble shoot what is and isn’t working thus tweaking your results! The only perfect routine is the one that you can easily adapt to making you happy to do it, thus being consistent by default!

In this Master Class you will:

  • ANALYZE your habit tracker and make necessary adjustments in your daily routine to streamline results

  • ESTABLISH milestones to celebrate progress and encourage consistency 

  • IMPLEMENT any action steps that you previously put in place in case you got off track

  • LEARN positive mindset shifts that support your goals

  • CONNECT mind and body by emotionally checking in with your self and have honest discussion about what is and isn’t working

Materials included with your Master Class:

  • Course outline with clear objectives and intentions

  • Pre made PDF’s of To do lists, pantry essentials, a habit tracker, and other supportive supplemental materials

  • Workbook pages that help you connect emotionally with your “why” so that you can finally take action that requires you to make permanent changes so that you can’t turn back