Master Classes

I believe we all learn differently and at varying paces, so I created these master classes as a way to offer a self guided wellness journey to those who learn better in solitude or just prefer to tiptoe into their wellness instead of diving in. There is no right or wrong way to change and all of these classes have been designed as stand alone or to add on to one another. Wherever you are in your journey, there is a class to support your needs, and at any point you can reach out for one-on-one coaching if you’re ready for some added guidance!


Begin where you are

A master class designed to meet you exactly where you are and build from there. Regardless if your current wellness routine is steady or none existent, this master class takes you through the emotional process of connecting with your past health history and the vision of your ideal healthy lifestyle, bridging the gap and creating space to change failed patterns. This class is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to make real changes and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle!


Life by design

A master class designed to help you navigate the confusion of the health and wellness community by teaching key concepts, commonly used terms, and sustainable techniques to make the best use of your precious time and build a solid and consistent routine that’s customized to your personal needs. This class will make even the most novice newbie feel confident enough to finally commit to YOUR ideal healthy lifestyle!


All in

This Master Class takes your ideal healthy lifestyle from conception into action mode by outlining the required steps involved in connecting your intentions to your health goals, creating the conduit that will be the foundation of consistency: COMMITMENT


Consistency Is Key

This Master Class analyses your current daily routine and integrates small changes and concepts that will create consistency over time. You will add milestones and self checkins which create balance and help you connect your body and mind thus completing the circle necessary for consistency.