Master Class-All In

Master Class-All In


This Master Class takes your ideal healthy lifestyle from conception into action mode by outlining the required steps involved in connecting your intentions to your health goals, creating the conduit that will be the foundation of consistency: COMMITMENT

The philosophy behind this Master Class is to correct the biggest mistake people often and unseeingly make when incorporating healthy changes into their life; people rarely fully commit and thus never connect their intentions with their goals. Healthy changes are almost always brought about with the best of intentions, but if you don’t ever put those healthy concepts into action, what are you really changing? Full commitment is the necessary bridge to tying it all together, and a million small action steps will eventually be the glue that creates consistency that you can live with-FOREVER. 

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In this Master Class you will:

  • TAKE immediate action in your daily life to connect intention with goals 

  • ESTABLISH and maintain daily routines that support your goals 

  • STRATEGIZE what actions you will take if and when you get off track, thus creating a safety net for your plan

  • CONNECT socially and within your community with like minded people who share your same health goals to stay inspired and accountable

  • DOCUMENT your progress and troubleshoot your routine with habit trackers

Materials included with your Master Class:

  • Course outline with clear objectives and intentions

  • Pre made PDF’s of To do lists, pantry essentials, a habit tracker, and other supportive supplemental materials

  • Workbook pages that help you connect emotionally with your “why” so that you can finally take action that requires you to make permanent changes so that you can’t turn back