Master Class-Life By Design

Master Class-Life By Design


This Master class guides you through key concepts within the holistic health community and teaches commonly used terms along with sustainable techniques to build a solid and consistent routine designed around your schedule.  

The philosophy behind this Master Class is simple-knowledge is power. If you begin to know what you don’t know, and are more intentional with your time, you can design a schedule that supports your ideal healthy lifestyle with activities, relationships, and food that fuels your goals. The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know, but once you do, you can make better choices.

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In this Master Class you will:

  • EDUCATE your self with terms and concepts within the holistic health community 

  • RESEARCH your local options for activities, movement, and group classes

  • EXAMINE your schedule and plan out your weeks and months 

  • STRATEGIZE the best plan of action to obtain results and intergrade healthy changes

  • ESTABLISH realistic expectations of your schedule and relationships

  • DOCUMENT and manage your time with calendars and PDF’s that keep you organized 

Materials included with your Master Class:

  • Course outline with clear objectives and intentions

  • Pre made PDF’s of food lists, shopping lists, and calendars to streamline planning and organizing your time

  • Workbook pages that assist with identifying people and behaviors in your day to day life that do not support your goals

  • Action steps that connect new habits and mindset shifts